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Have you seen your power generation equipment get shut down or threatened to be shut down because of the EPA's regulations
concerning emission because of the requirements of the clean air standards act. Maybe you have been forced to throttle
the equipment down to reduce emissions. Or told you can not utilize your equipment and if you do your are
threatened with large fines and sanctions by the EPA.

Your company spent big money on this equipment and now you aren't permitted to use it in the manner of which it was designed.
These loses in utilization also reflect in lost production and higher operating costs. Profits are at a all time low in many industries today
and a hit on a piece of equipment that can cost as much as a quarter million dollars or more can put a very serious hurt
on most any company whether large or small.

If you stay with us and read a bit further we just may have a solution to solve your dilemma.

Is your company or corporation operating your own on site power generation equipment?
For example, in the gas& oil fields or in the mining industry maybe even in the telecommunications industry?

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